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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Full House

A Full House

For a while now I have been thinking of how a healthy family should have new births in it.
 Re-productivity is a new spark of life that comes when a new baby is born.   In the
Church we can see our Father adopting more sons and daughters.  He desires more children.
 How is it, that since my conversion in 1979, that I have not seen many come to Christ and be born again?   The churches that I have attended over the years seemed to have very few new born children of God.  I can honestly say that in the last 33 yrs of walking with Jesus I have not  been involved directly in discipling very many converted Christians.

There are ministries that I have heard of where great numbers are converted and  Christians gather by the hundreds and even  by thousands.  They are the churches in far away country.  Some of the   churches in America are also on fire also, but I haven't  been there.  For years I have been longing to be laboring where the harvest is ready now.  I have asked Jesus, "If I am not able to be a fisher of men, then please at least let me  at least stand at the rivers edge just to see where your spirit is moving and the fish are being caught" About ten years ago I was able to visit a House Of Prayer. It's a movement that started in Kansas City, that has increasing numbers of young adults.  This is one of the places where I believe Jesus answered  the desire of my heart.

The youth that are now at our sides will become the church of the next generation. They are the church that will carry on the faith when the older members of the body  like me are gone.  God help us to see this when we look into the eyes of these children and the young adults  that are called be "fishers of men."

In Mexico I have seen many houses that were half built or empty with wild vegetation growing up around them.  In America I hear of many houses being repossessed.  Many rentals here in our town are vacant. Since we moved away, even our own home in Mexico has been " lonely"  - Spanish interpretation.

 It is the family that makes a home. It is the people that live there that can fill the building with life.  Marianne and I  have known that  when we have our lives filled with love, it will spill over to others.  We have had a house full of our own children, and often it has been crowded with family in Christ.  A visiting groups  came to our house in Mexico. They said, " There is a presence of Jesus in this place." I replied, it is Him, and to His credit we feel him here." The church family of our Father needs to have an aroma that draws others to  know us. May they then be pointed to Jesus, and know Him.

We live in an age where houses and homes are being broken. Children are being emotionally and physically neglected and abused. There are homes with people in them, that are called "crack houses." Drugs are the influence in addicts that  result in stealing the life and health of these people. Death and destruction are the path they follow, often bringing others down with them.  Through out the centuries some various places and houses have been thought to be haunted. They are physically empty but  are supposedly filled with spirits of deceased people. They are often  just full of demons. We are called to overcome evil with good. It is not God's will that we are not growing and  defeated by the enemies of Jesus.  May his authority rule where ever we live.  Now is the time for us to overcome and be victorious.  Our Fathers house is a house of Prayer. It is filled with His Spirit and the presence of Jesus. Even if there are only two or three, he shows up.  Holy Spirit can lead each of us into the truth that sets us free. Liberty will come and many others will be turning to Jesus.  It has been said, "that without God man cannot".  It is also said that "with out the will of man, he will not". I am availing my self to Jesus.  I want a change in me. My choice, His work. Let's rise above lukewarm lifestyles and press in for revival.  We can make  the decision and say, "let it start with me."  May the fellowship that we enjoy with each other be multiplied and fill the house.   In Jesus Name. G.W.