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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Majestic Cloud

This cloud was captured in photo on a trip Marianne took to Mexico last July. Isn't it amazing? Without any edits or "doctoring" there is a glow up there. Sometimes life is that way, and we see something supernatural happening, but most often we don't. We can marvel at the ordinary, small details, if we are able to see that it is the Creators' hand of love for us. Its very hard for me to write about the mundane, minutia, every day life. That's about all you would have heard from me during this prior month of silence. Life as not been all work,eat,and sleep, but almost. Do I have to wait till something sensational comes along before I start typing some lines? Well, this time I did. Meanwhile we were enduring lots of cloudy days, and rain, grizzly depressing rain and wind, harsh bitter face biting wind. Also, for the last few weeks I have been working, like 3 jobs, literally. We also started Spanish services at our church, which has added another activity to our busy schedule. I still do really want to keep writing and have reminded myself often for the last month of the purposes that I started this blog. One was to communicate my heart with my adult children. Even the teens in our house, may read this and get something out of it, something of temporal joy, or eternal value, I hope.

What I did take time for the last couple weeks is any chance to stay connected with the 2 girls and the 2 young adult men still living in our home. This included a couple of fishing trips. The first trip was just Levi and me, standing in 35 degree cloudy windy weather catching trout, while trying to keep our fingers from going numb. I would not trade that day for any other I have lived. Despite the elements we caught fish, enjoyed views of the mountains, stayed warm by the fire, and did some target practicing on the way home. The second trip both boys and I caught fish and camped out for the night, making another good memory that will last....and yes, it was a record catch for this particular Wilke clan.

Another purpose of this blog is share thoughts from what I am hearing from above. What if I am not hearing much, just trudging through the pages that I read? In reading through Galatians and Ephesians I did not want to have the "Teachers" view with these timeless truths. It is important to stay in a mode of learning and growing personally. It would not be good to just pull something out of the hat, and magically have food on the plate for this blog. Your not going to hear, " And now presenting, Greg, with the latest greatest twist on the same message" We are called to point to the one who is faithful and true. He is enough, even if I am not hearing much during this season. I will not be disappointed or offended in him when most of my days are gray or blue. I trust in his eternal purposes in every relationship and circumstance HE allows in my life. G.W.